What It Means to Be a ‘Super Senior’ In College

What It Means to Be a Super Senior In College

“Super seniors” are students who have attended a four-year institution (either high school or college) for more than four years. Fifth-year seniors are also sometimes called such students.  Typically, high school and college students take four years to earn their diplomas. Your first year of school is your “freshman” year, your second year is your … Read more

An introduction to ordering fractions with its definition and examples

ordering fractions

In mathematics, the ordering fractions are widely used to perform calculations of complex mathematical and statistical problems. There are two ways to order decimals, numbers, and fractions. One is the least to greatest and the other is greatest to least. Ordering fraction is a well-known technique that is helpful in determining the addition, subtraction, and … Read more

Tongue Twisters: “Woodchuck”

Tongue Twisters: "Woodchuck"

A tongue twister is a fun word game that challenges our ability to pronounce words correctly. As a result of the alliteration in their phrasing, people can practice one sound at a time to improve fluency. Actors, singers, and public speakers use tongue twisters to improve their enunciation and articulation so that they can be understood … Read more

The 6 Living US Presidents

The 6 Living US Presidents

As of now, there are six living presidents, including the oldest president ever elected, Joseph R. Biden Jr. In addition to Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter, five other Americans have served as president. Over the course of their White House careers, they have served in the White House … Read more

Afterward vs. Afterword: How to Choose the Right Word

Afterward vs. Afterword: How to Choose the Right Word

“Afterword” and “afterward” are homophones (or nearly homophones). Although they sound alike, they are spelled differently and have different meanings. Despite the fact that “afterword” “afterward” have the same meaning, these two words have little in common. How to Use Afterward “Afterward” is interchangeable with the words “after” and “later.” “Afterward” usually refers to events … Read more

The Combined Gas Law

The Combined Gas Law

The combining of these three gas laws is called the combined gas law. Gas at room temperature has an absolute pressure of 1 bar. When Avogadro’s law is added to the combined gas law, the ideal gas law results. It’s a shame that we can’t pin the discovery of the combined gas law on any … Read more

3 Ways To Grow Your YouTube Subscribers In 2022

Grow Your YouTube Subscribers

In 2022, YouTube is actually the main video hosting and occupies a leading position in the ranking of the most visited resources in recent years. The site’s audience is about 2 billion people per month. Just think about it, this means that a huge number of people visit the site to study interesting videos, find … Read more