How Cold Does Ice Get With Salt?

How Cold Does Ice Get With Salt

When salt and ice are mixed, some interesting science occurs. It’s common practice to use salt to melt ice on roads and walkways, but if you compare the melting of ice cubes in fresh water and salt water, you’ll find that the saline water actually melts more slowly and the temperature drops. Why is this … Read more

The Combined Gas Law

The Combined Gas Law

The combining of these three gas laws is called the combined gas law. Gas at room temperature has an absolute pressure of 1 bar. When Avogadro’s law is added to the combined gas law, the ideal gas law results. It’s a shame that we can’t pin the discovery of the combined gas law on any … Read more

How to get professional chemistry lab report help

professional chemistry lab report

It takes a lot of time to create a scientific project, even an elementary one. Lab reports require experimenting and evaluation; hence these projects can be considered scientific too. Each student knows that creating lab reports is a very challenging process. And being assigned a lab report on a complicated discipline like chemistry often becomes … Read more