An introduction to ordering fractions with its definition and examples

ordering fractions

In mathematics, the ordering fractions are widely used to perform calculations of complex mathematical and statistical problems. There are two ways to order decimals, numbers, and fractions. One is the least to greatest and the other is greatest to least. Ordering fraction is a well-known technique that is helpful in determining the addition, subtraction, and … Read more

What is a Pentagon Shape?

What is a Pentagon Shape

The Pentagon is a polygonal figure that has five sides. It is the second simplest polygonal figure after the square. The Pentagon has a long history in geometry and has been used in art and architecture for centuries. In mathematics, the Pentagon is used as an example of a regular polygon with an odd number … Read more

Types of Functions: Definition & Examples

Types of Functions

The types of functions are determined by the domain, range, and function expression. Functions are primarily defined by the expression they are written in. Furthermore, the relationship between the elements of the domain set and the range set also accounts for the type of function. The classification of functions makes it easier to understand and … Read more