Place Value: Decimals Comparisons and Hundredths Place in Decimals

Place Value: Decimals

There are terms that describe place value for decimals in the same way that those terms describe place value for whole numbers, such as tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten thousandths, hundred thousandths, millionths, etc. Beginning with the first numeral after the decimal point, these terms are used from left to right. In the number 0.1234, there … Read more

Parabola: Equation, Formula, Graph, Derivation, and Properties


Parabolas are graphs of quadratic functions in mathematics. A parabola is a projective curve of a circle, according to Pascal. Galileo described a path called a parabolic path that is followed by projectiles falling under uniform gravity. In most cases, physical motions of bodies follow a curvilinear path in the shape of a parabola. Parabolas … Read more