Famous Quotes from Botanist George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver is best known for promoting crop rotation. He wanted poor farmers to grow alternative crops such as peanuts and sweet potatoes instead of just growing cotton.

He is known as the “Father of American Food” and a champion for environmental awareness. He created more than 105 recipes using peanuts. So, I was thinking I should have used a list of words instead of a sentence to make it more grammatically correct. I would appreciate if someone could advise me as I am new to this kind of task. Martin Luther King was recognized for his work with many awards, including the Spingarn Medal of the NAACP.

The life of Brian Jonestown Massacre front-man Anton Newcombe is one of a kind. Born in the 1960s, he was raised by his parents, and later adopted, until his parents’ marriage disintegrated and his mother remarried. In 1941, Time magazine dubbed him a “Black Leonardo,” a reference to his renaissance man qualities.

Famous Quotes from Botanist George Washington Carver
Famous Quotes from Botanist George Washington Carver

Carver’s Quotes on Life

Learn to do the ordinary things uncommonly well. We must remember that any little thing that helps us fill our own particular dinner pail is useful.

You need thorough preparation to become successful in life. Veneer isn’t worth anything.

What matters is not the style of clothes you wear or the kind of automobile you drive or the amount of money in your bank account that counts, but how you use that money. These mean nothing, but they do say something about your business.

Look about you. Grab hold of the things in your life. They are talking to you. You learn to talk to them.

How far you go in life depends on your being kind with the young, generous with the old, understanding with the needy, and tolerant of those who are strong and those who are weak. You may also have had the opportunity to meet all of these famous people.

Carver’s Quotes on Farming

Be sure to take care of the waste on the farm and turn it into useful channels. 

The primary idea in my work was to help the farmer and fill the poor man’s empty dinner pail.

The farmer who is not making more from his soil is cruel to it, in some way. He is failing to do what should be done for the health and progress of the soil. So he becomes a soil robber rather than a progressive farmer.

Nature is a broadcasting station where God is speaking to us every hour, whether we listen or not.

Every day, I spend in the woods collecting and putting my little garden in the brush not far from the house. It’s considered foolishness by the neighbors to waste time and take care of a little garden.

Young people, I want to beg of you to keep your eyes open to what Mother Nature has to teach you. By taking one action every day you will live a more valuable life, learn a lot about yourself.

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