25 Things Every Teacher Wants From Their Stakeholders

Most teachers are more than happy to get any credit they deserve. They want to feel appreciated for what they do. They are not teachers because they love the students. They simply want to be seen as difference-makers.

Their jobs are not easy. However, there are many things that others can do to make their jobs easier. Teachers want several things from their students, parents, the administration, other teachers, and the local community. Stakeholders often fail to comply with simple requests that would benefit teachers, and which have the potential to make each teacher dramatically better than they are.

What do teachers really want? They want something different from each of the stakeholders that they deal with on a daily basis. These are basic and simple requests that, when filled, frustrate teachers, limit effectiveness, and keep them from maximizing their student’s potential.

25 Things Every Teacher Wants From Their Stakeholders
25 Things Every Teacher Wants From Their Stakeholders

It’s clear that there are many teacher-related things we need to do in order to improve learning and reduce teacher burnout. This article examines twenty-five of these teacher-related things.

What Do Teachers Want……….From Students?

  • To be the best in your class, you must have everything prepared before coming to class each day. They need you to come prepared, focused, and motivated.
  • Students need to enjoy the learning process and be active participants in the learning process. If you want to be successful in your career, then you must have a sense of respect for the people you are responsible to.
  • Students need to respect their peers and themselves. A respectful, trusting and encouraging environment helps teachers maximize their learning opportunities each day.
  • Teachers want students to learn the concepts they are teaching in a meaningful way. That’s where we need to put them. Connecting students with real world opportunities.
  • There’s no doubt that they want their students to see the bigger picture of what they do as well as to understand that they really are there for the Students need to be critical thinkers in the classroom.
  • They want students who want to understand the process of finding the answer as much as the answer itself. They want students who don’t just “drink the Kool-Aid” and are willing to learn the same lessons that are taught.
  • This book provides a great way to help your students learn about their strengths and weaknesses in a fun way. It’s important to share knowledge, and the best way for students to share is with each other. They want students to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and to strive to improve upon their strengths.

What Do Teachers Want……….From Parents?

  • Teachers want parents to believe that their teachers genuinely care about their children and that their teaching is to help each child succeed. They want parents to understand that they’re not out to get their child.
  • They want to be viewed as the educational expert who can provide their child with the quality education they deserve. Parents should communicate their concerns appropriately. Teachers want parents to do so.
  • Teachers do not want parents to avoid or skirt around an issue. Parents want to have an open, trusting relationship with the school so they can determine the best approach to teach their child together. Good teachers want good parents to support them. They want parents to believe their students will benefit from their help and don’t to question their motives.
  • In order to improve classroom management, parents need to help their children and teachers reinforce classroom management strategies which they have in place. We want parents who are willing to volunteer to help out in any area that might be needed. Teachers want parents to be involved in their child’s education.
  • They want parents to take an active role in the education of their child. Parents who ensure that all their children get a good night’s sleep will make sure that the children are awake for class each day.
  • Teachers want parents to value education. You should start educating kids to learn the basics of education as soon as they’re able to understand. Children would love to have parents read to them each night to help with homework, and to challenge them academically.

What Do Teachers Want……….From the Administration?

  • If administrators want teachers to have their backs, they must support them when they’re under fire. This includes student discipline, disagreements with parents, or confrontation with another faculty member. Teachers need to be assured their administrators will support them when the evidence points to their side.
  • Administrators should provide teachers with adequate resources. Teachers understand that money can be tight for schools, but there are certain supplies that they must have. If you’re a teacher, and you know of a resource that will benefit every student, then you expect the administration to find a way to fund it.
  • Administrators should support teachers and give them encouragement and advice. You’ll discover what’s wrong and what’s right with your evaluations. Teachers want administrators to understand their efforts and their goals, but they also want administrators to understand them and their challenges.
  • Great teachers work hard at what they do. Their administrators should always have a sense of what’s happening in their classrooms, so that the administrator can appreciate and support the work of the teacher.
  • Teachers want administrators to be clear about the expectations of students. I want to understand how school policy affects me. Teachers want administrators to clarify and explain the school district’s expectations with issues such as classroom management, student learning, and communication.

What Do Teachers Want……….From Other Teachers?

  • Teachers want other teachers to be professional. They do not expect other teachers to talk about them with their students, a parent, or another faculty member. It’s perfectly acceptable for them to have an opinion, but they should also agree to adhere to the policies of the district.
  • A great teacher would appreciate others teaching alongside her. She’d value the opinions of others. Best practice for them is to share best practices and offer advice. They are looking for other teachers with whom they can share frustrations and success stories.
  • The best teachers appreciate the hard work of others. They want others to think highly of their teaching abilities. They want to know their peers think they’re an effective teacher and are satisfied with the level of teaching they provide to their students.
  • Teachers all over the world would like for other teachers to have the same general philosophy of educating their students. Some people are looking for ways to build long-lasting relationships with their colleagues.
  • Teachers want other teachers to respect differences. There’s no one way to teach—teachers should understand that. When teachers are boring, we all get bored. They want other teachers to be inspired by what they’ve accomplished and to implement that in their classroom.

What Do Teachers Want……….From Community Members?

  • Teachers want their students to be involved in community projects. There are lots of ways that kids can get involved in the schools. They want them to donate money to the projects that they are doing. If you want to take over someone else’s business, it helps to make sure that they’re willing to let
  • You have the right to share your mission and vision with the world. These people want to be elected to school committees and they want to gain their perspective and insight. It’s important that they have ownership of what the school is doing.
  • Teachers want the community to understand the value of education. They’re trying to make them more self-reliant. People want education to be a high priority in their community. This high school believes in the importance of its education, which will have a significant impact on the student’s future.
  • Schoolteachers want community members to be proud of their schools. They know that their teachers are excellent. When students get involved in an academic program they learn responsibility. Students should be proud of their achievements in the classroom. Teachers want people to stay involved in the community once they’re no longer in school. They don’t want people to disappear from the community once their children are no longer in school.
  • They want you to be involved in the process. They believe that there is power in consistency.

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