Why Pre-hire Skills Testing Helps Build a Positive Employee Culture

Workplace culture affects every aspect of an organization, from employee engagement and retention to overall productivity and company performance. It is much more than team morale. It includes corporate values, how managers handle employee development and feedback, and the quality of communication from senior leadership.

Recent research shows 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress and anxiety. Another study showed that more than half of employees would go to a competing firm if it offered a better culture. If such as high percentage of employees think their work environment needs improvement, it means organizations are focusing on profits and forgetting the importance of culture and people or do not understand how to create a positive team culture.

A Deloitte study shows that 94% of executives and 88% of employees think a positive corporate culture is essential to a company’s success. Studies have shown a positive culture may boost employee satisfaction and company revenue by around 33% and decrease turnover by as much as 58%. 

Does Your Company Have a Positive Employee Culture?

If you have established a stable company and support your staff, you may wonder if your efforts are working. These are three signs that indicate you have a positive work culture.

  1. High Employee Retention: Today’s worker is more likely to bounce from job to job than in the past. It could be for a better salary or career change, but it could be because they are not a good fit for your company culture or because they feel their efforts are unappreciated. If team members stay with your company for years, you have created a culture where they see the opportunity to grow their careers
  1. A Clear Set of Values: When candidates accept a job at your firm, company values “come with the turf.” If they are not a good fit for the job or your company, they will most likely leave within a year, or you will terminate them. In fact, this happens with a whopping 89% of new hires.
  1. The Right Employees Are in the Right Jobs: When employees are in jobs where they can use their talents and skill sets, you will see a positive culture throughout the organization. This is because their work is aligned with their values and motivations, their communication level matches their behavioral style, and their leaders invest in their development.

The Key to Creating a Positive Company Culture

If your company is lacking in one or more of these areas, an excellent first step is to implement skills testing. Here are four ways staffing skills tests help businesses create a positive company culture.

  1. Choose Employees With Complementary Strengths: Every team needs people with different strengths to function well. For instance, if all team members believed that detailed, extensive research was required to make a decision, the team would have “analysis paralysis.” If every team member wanted to be the leader, nothing would get done because the members would never stop arguing. Skills tests that help you assess attributes that help teams function effectively.
  1. Ensures Everyone Can Pull Their Weight: When a team member is not performing up to par, it impacts everyone else. Employees do not mind helping out co-workers, but they resent being required to constantly take time away from their own work to pick up the slack if someone else is not pulling their weight. Skills testing helps hiring teams minimize the chances of this happening because they can confirm candidates have the right skills and experience.
  1. Understand How Others Think: Staffing skills tests help employees understand their own and their teammates’ behavior and motivations. Once they know what motivates co-workers’ behavior, they can communicate and work with them more effectively. This increases overall team understanding, and synergy naturally improves.
  1. Drive Employee Development: Creating an employee development program may sound overwhelming, but staffing skills tests are a good place to start. When employees take skills tests, you gain insight into their behavior, motivation, and values. This helps you identify strengths, pinpoint areas where employees need help, and develop individualized training programs to help them grow their careers.

Use Skills Tests to Create a Positive Corporate Culture

A positive workplace culture leads to happy and satisfied employees. While every positive workplace culture is unique, they share qualities like open communication, opportunities for growth, encouraging innovation and creativity, and a clear shared purpose and rewards.

You and your staff can create a positive organizational culture once you are committed to implementing one. Focus on what is best for your company and your employees, use the right tools to get there, and you will get the desired results.

Do you want to learn how staffing skills tests can help you create a positive company culture that will make your company a great place to work? Contact us to request a demo.

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