The Great Gatsby Characters

Nick Carraway

The novel’s narrator Nick is a teenager born in Minnesota who, after having been trained at Yale and a soldier during World War I, goes to New York City to learn the business of bonds. Honest, patient and willing to hold back judgement, Nick often serves as an advocate for those who have troublesome secrets. When he moves into West Egg, a fictional region located on Long Island that is home to newly wealthy people, Nick quickly befriends his next-door neighbor and his mystery Jay Gatsby. As the cousin of Daisy Buchanan Nick helps to revive the love affair between the two of them. Gatsby. The Great Gatsby is told exclusively through the eyes of Nick; his thoughts and impressions determine the story’s tone and character.

Jay Gatsby

Gatsby, the main character and main character in the book, Gatsby is a fabulously wealthy young man who lives in the Gothic house located in West Egg. Gatsby is well-known for the extravagant events he throws on a Saturday night, but nobody knows where he came from, what he is doing or how he earned his fortune. The novel develops and Nick discovers his true identity. Gatsby was a child of James Gatz on a farm in North Dakota; working for the status of a millionaire forced him to commit his entire life to the pursuit of riches. When he first met Daisy during his training to become an official in Louisville He was in love with her. Nick also discovers that Gatsby earned his wealth through crime, as Gatsby would do anything to attain the status that he believed was needed to get Daisy. Nick thinks of Gatsby as a flawed character, deceitful and inconsiderate, but his extraordinary enthusiasm and the ability to transform his desires into reality make Gatsby “great” nonetheless.

Daisy Buchanan

Nick’s cousin as well as the lady Gatsby is in love with. As a young woman living in Louisville prior to during the conflict, Daisy was courted by several officers including Gatsby. She fell in love Gatsby and said she would wait for Gatsby. But, Daisy is a woman who longs to be loved. So, when a powerful, wealthy young man known as Tom Buchanan asked her to marry to him, Daisy decided not to wait for Gatsby in the end. She is now a gorgeous socialite. Daisy has a home alongside Tom opposite Gatsby in the posh East Egg district of Long Island. She’s sarcastic and a bit uninvolved, and is known for her sly behavior to hide her anger at her husband’s unending infidelity.

Tom Buchanan

Daisy’s extremely wealthy husband was previously was a member of Nick’s social nightclub at Yale. A powerfully built man and coming from an old and solid line of family members, Tom is an arrogant and self-centered bully. His behavior in social circles is laced with sexism and racism and he doesn’t even think about the possibility of living up to the moral standards that he demands of those who surround him. He doesn’t have any moral concerns about his extramarital relationship with Myrtle however, when he starts to think Daisy as well as Gatsby of being involved in the past, he is outraged and initiates to have a fight.

Jordan Baker

Daisy’s best friend who is also an individual who Nick gets romantically involved over the plot of the novel. A golfer who is competitive, Jordan represents one of the “new women” of the 1920s, who were cynical, adolescent and self-centered. Jordan is gorgeous but she’s also a bit dishonest. she was a cheater to be the winner of her first golf event and is constantly deceiving herself about the facts.

Myrtle Wilson

Tom’s love interest, whose pathetic husband George has a deteriorating garage that is in the valley of dust. Myrtle is a woman with a fierce vitality and is constantly looking for ways to make her life better. However, to her, she picks Tom who sees her as an object of his affection.

George Wilson

The husband of Myrtle’s mother who is lifeless and exhausted owner of a dismal auto repair shop on the end of a valley filled with dust. George likes and admires Myrtle and is devastated by her love affair with Tom. George is stricken with sorrow when Myrtle dies. George is like Gatsby in that both dreamers, and both are destroyed by their love affairs with women who are in love with Tom.

Owl Eyes

The eccentric, bespectacled and eccentric drinker who Nick encounters at the first event he attends in Gatsby’s house. Nick discovers Owl Eyes browsing through Gatsby’s library. He’s amazed the books are actually there.


The unassuming freeloader who appears like he’s living in Gatsby’s house, making use of his host’s cash. Once Gatsby passes away, Klipspringer disappears–he does not attend the funeral, however He does make a call to Nick about tennis shoes he left at Gatsby’s house.

Meyer Wolfsheim

Gatsby’s best friend, a prominent person in the world of the world of organized criminality. Prior to the time the events of the novel, Wolfsheim helped Gatsby to make a fortune from bootlegging illicit liquor. His ongoing relationship Gatsby Gatsby indicates that Gatsby remains engaged in illegal business.

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