Working With Special Needs Children: What You Should Know

Working with Special Needs Students: Things to Know

A special education teacher assists students who are challenged by physical, mental, or behavioral difficulties. This profession can be highly rewarding, but it comes with its own set of difficulties. It involves teaching the necessary academic skills, promoting social development, providing personal care, and more. Each student and their needs are unique, requiring someone with the right combination of personality, skills, and attitude.

Special Needs Teacher Qualifications

In order to become a special needs teacher, a degree and QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) is needed. The undergraduate degree isn’t specific, but having a degree in a related field to special needs teaching may help with job prospects. There are various ways to acquire the QTS – through university or in a school-based placement.

Our learning hub provides a range of useful courses tailored to those desiring to develop their abilities. Options range from ‘Exploring Learning Difficulties’ which provides insight into how to most effectively interact and aid children with special needs, as well as what barriers they may face. Sign up and choose the course that is best for you. 

Teaching in a Special Education School: Additional Training

Individuals who have already completed teacher qualifications may teach special needs students, although they will likely need to demonstrate prior experience. Taking courses that feature modules related to special needs education can be beneficial in showcasing one’s interest, expertise, and passion for the role.

Gaining practical experience with children with special needs is highly beneficial. Working in a school or volunteering at a youth club, sports facility, or non-profit organization are all effective ways to develop the necessary skills and demonstrate to potential employers that you are committed to your career. Charities are always in need of extra assistance.

SEN Children Need These Qualities

Caring for children with special needs necessitates a specific skillset that differs from that used for those without disabilities. Every kid with specialized requirements is unique, yet there are a few general approaches to keep in mind in order to make sure they feel safe and involved.


It is important for teachers of Special Education Needs (SEN) students to be able to adjust their behaviour depending on the child or the circumstances. As SEN children can be unpredictable, it is critical for teachers to be able to change their approach if needed.

Be Passionate

In order to be an excellent Special Education teacher, it is essential to have a great deal of enthusiasm for the job. Having a genuine interest in the students will make them feel more engaged and willing to learn. Additionally, having passion for the profession will help to build strong connections and provide you with the drive needed to get through difficult times.

Outstanding Communication Skills

For SEN instructors, communication skills are critically essential. People should be able to connect with students personally and establish enduring bonds based on empathy and trust. Because some children with special needs will have difficulty expressing their emotions, SEN instructors should be adept at identifying and managing problems. Also, SEN teachers must inform parents and carers of their pupils’ behaviour and progress.


A skilled special needs teacher must be able to maintain composure under pressure. While working with children who have special needs can be incredibly gratifying, there is a chance that it can also be difficult. Students’ preferences can suddenly change, and they may not always want to collaborate with you. They might not always love something now that they did yesterday. It is essential to have patience and the capacity to remain composed under pressure.

Getting A Job As A Special Education Teaching Assistant

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